Research and Development

Our research and development philosophy applies not only to our products but also to our staff and the business as a whole. This philosophy is underpinned by Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd being committed to:
  • Satisfying the needs of our customers, shareholders and employees.
  • Forming positive and beneficial relationships which can assist us in achieving our development and quality objectives.
  • Meeting, and exceeding, industry expectations for our products and services so as position ourselves as leaders in our field.
  • Ongoing development  and training opportunities so are staff are well equipped for working in a complex business environment and able to meet clients needs effectively.
  • Continual improvement of procedures, processes and business performance. 
At Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd we aim to provide the highest quality products to our customers. Our R&D department play a vital role in ensuring our clients receive the best possible product, by ensuring we meet all relevant regulations and continually researching ways to improve.
Our in house research and development team carry out forward thinking and extensive research into new methods of working, new chemical compounds and related technology. By doing this we operationalise improved combinations bringing ranges of new products to life. This means that by working in conjunction with the most credible professionals we can provide our customers with the best possible solution for their needs.


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